Research Figures


Figures for 2023, except where otherwise stated

Benchmark No.
Research groups 154
Departments 20
University research institutes 7+1*
Number of viva voces (2021-22) 98
Active competitive European research projects 12
Active competitive national research projects 119
Active competitive regional research projects 54
Other active research projects 11
R&D&i contracts with businesses in 2022 192
Patents and utility models in 2022 79
Technology spin-offs 4

Source: UIB Office for Strategic Planning (June 2023). 2023-2027 UIB Strategic Plan. 9-18.

* The Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IAIB) was established by the Governing Council (Agreement of 14th June 2023). Resolution of the Office of the President and Vice Chancellor 15055/2023 of 4th September (FOU no. 558 of 22nd September)