The University of the Balearic Islands, within the framework of its competences, and in compliance with Law 19/2013, of 9th December, on Transparency, Access to Public Information, and Good Governance, has decided to use benchmarks from other institutions so as to meet its transparency objectives. More specifically: Dyntra, the Haz Foundation and CRUE.


The University of the Balearic Islands is currently ranked 8th amongst all public and private universities in the Dyntra ranking.
The benchmarks that were used to establish this ranking can be viewed in the report published in January 2019.

Institutional Transparency

Office of the Vice-Chancellor

Secretary General, Head of Administration, Deans and Heads/Directors

Temporary Staff

UIB Organisation and Assets

UIB Regulations and Structure

UIB Organisation and Planning

Courses and Places Available and Demanded

Teaching Staff



Public Communications

Citizen Engagement and Participation

Economic and Financial Transparency

Procurement of Services